Ethical Fashion Film: Storytelling for Social Impact

Conscious Cinema Co. is committed to harnessing the power of cinematic storytelling to help ethical brands share their message with the world + catalyze positive social change.

Fashion films are a lovely way to capture both the stand-alone beauty of fair-trade + eco-friendly design as well as the inspirational stories behind the pieces.

In our fast-paced culture, emotionally impactful, visually stunning video is an incredibly effective way to quickly connect with audiences on a deep level and move them to make more conscious purchasing decisions.

Check out a few fashion films for inspiration + contact or fill out a quote form if you would like to strategize about producing cinematic-quality video to help share a socially impactful brand message with a world who so desperately needs it.




Get started on your ethical fashion film project today.

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Osho Inspiration

Man, I love me some Osho. In fact, we make reference to Osho in a meditation scene in my film, “Quarter Life Coach”.

I was thumbing through the book we used in the movie today, and came across a page that I found so fitting for this moment in my life.

In your twenties, sometimes it feels like life is all about finding “success” and “making it”.

What I’ve discovered, however, is that life is truly about learning to enjoy the process, not about getting to some specific “perfect” destination in life.

Here’s what Osho has to say about it:

“To have approval and be recognized is everybody’s need. Our whole life’s structure is such that we are taught that unless there is recognition, we are nobody, we are worthless. Our work is not important, but the recognition. And this is putting things upside down.

Our work should be important a joy in itself. You should work, not to be recognized, but because you enjoy being creative. You love the work for its own sake. You work if you love it.

Don’t ask for recognition. If it comes, take it easily. If it does not come, do not think about it. Your fulfillment should be in the work itself.

And if everybody learns this simple art of loving his work, whatever it is, enjoying it without asking for any recognition, we would have a more beautiful and celebrating world; otherwise, the world has trapped you in a miserable pattern. What you are doing is not good because you love it, because you do it perfectly, but because the world recognizes it, rewards it, gives you medals, Nobel prizes.

They have taken away the whole intrinsic value of creativity, and destroyed millions of people because you cannot give millions of people Nobel prizes. And you have created the desire for recognition in everybody, so nobody can work peacefully, silently, enjoying whatever he is doing. And life consists of small things. For those small things there are not rewards, not titles given by the governments, not honorary degrees given by the universities.

Any man who has any sense of his individuality, lives by his own love, by his own work, without caring at all what others think of it.”

Much Love,


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