(Hands down, one of my favorite movie lines of all time)

I’ve fallen in love with Heath Ledger all over again…

I recently watched the 2006 Australian romantic drama, Candy, for the first time (starring the dream that is Heath + Abbie Cornish). If you haven’t seen it, it’s a harrowing tale of love, addiction and self-destruction/co-dependency.

I don’t know why, but I’m always drawn to stories like that–they break my heart in all the right places. They also awaken audiences to the stark reality of how addiction can destroy not only ambition and stability in one’s life, but also what’s perhaps most beautiful: love.

It’s hard to watch, precisely because of how talented Heath Ledger was. Abbie is great in it too, but something about the authenticity of Heath’s performance, particularly given his personal afflictions and way-too-soon departure from this Earth, felt reminiscent of Robert Downey Jr. in Less Than Zero (another film that will always have my heart). You don’t want to watch the dark moments, but also can’t look away because they’re just so real.



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